Live & On Cam – Wednesday, Aug 28, 2013

What DO I do when I get on cam?  Good question ;)

You can visit me live on Cam nightly from 6-10pm PST by visiting this link:


I love getting dressed up in something ultra sheer & sexy & getting ready to get on cam.  In real life I am very shy & quiet.  I am usually quite nervous just before getting on cam, but once I’m live & my visitors start coming in & chatting, I love absolutely every single second that I’m live.  It comes quite naturally for me to talk, giggle & tease you.  I love interacting with all of the members who enter my room.  I prefer that you say hello when you enter my cam room & chat with me.  I want to get to know YOU as much as you want to get to know me. It also helps the room environment when everyone is chatting & getting in on the party…the chattier you are, the chattier & gigglier I become ;)

I am very laid back while on cam…ahem, seriously – I am either dancing sexy for you or lying on my back on my bed playing with myself at the perfect eye level for you to catch a glimpse of pretty much everything ;)

My lights are kept low, candles glowing & sexy music playing in the background.  I am usually dancing & strutting my booty for you to see.  Occasionally, during public chat I will lay on my bed & play with myself up close for you, but like I said, usually I am dancing & teasing you.  It won’t take you long to watch me dance, strut & grind my stuff & tease you with my booty, pretty titties & puss-puss before you can’t take it any longer & need to take me private & have your own special one-on-one time with me where we can both be ourselves alone & really get turned on & get “it” on.  

Once we are in private & alone together, I will do an even sexier strip tease for you where I take it all off for you before I take you to my bed.  Here I will give you a sloppy, hot ‘n steamy blow job before allowing you to enter my perfect shaved pussy.  We can do it in whichever position pleases you…on my back, doggy style, riding you…whatever pleases you.  I will play with myself, suck you & fuck you until you & I both cum H-A-R-D together.  In private shows, I will do whatever it is that you enjoy & that turns you on.  If you have special color or clothing requests, it is best to book a Skype show with me or contact me prior to my scheduled time so that I can have these items ready for your private show.  I do not fist, squirt (although I’m learning & getting better) or pee on cam though.  I love to do shower & oil shows too.

I can go from your classy woman to your dirty little slut faster than you can say “That’s how Daddy likes it”.  Cum visit me & find out for yourself.




My turn-on’s & turn-off’s – Tuesday, Aug 27, 2013

One of the most common questions I’m asked is what turn’s me on & off of a guy.


What Turns Me On:

I am very sensual & sexual. I love to dance sexy & dirty for you while I tease you until you can’t take anymore. BJ’s make me wet & horny. I LOVE to talk dirty & I enjoy using my hitachi, toys, fingers & having you watch me-I get off from getting you off!  Some times I want to have hard, fast, dirty, hardcore sex…while other times, I want a sensual, long lasting evening of making love.  I love a man who can make me laugh, make me feel sexy & loved.  I want to feel like I complete him & that I am his Universe.  No other woman would make him feel the way I do & no other man would make me feel the way he does.

What Turns Me Off:

Rude, obnoxious & unfriendly people are a huge turn off to me.  Any person in a relationship should treat the other with the utmost respect love & admiration.  I am a very faithful person when I am in a relationship…nothing turns me off faster than an unfaithful man while in a relationship.  Visiting cam sites & porn sites are one thing & are encouraged by myself, of course, they can be entertaining as a couple or can help satisfy one’s cravings without the need to cheat in real life.

Tomorrow’s Blog will be about:

Tomorrow I am going to tell you all about my cam shows & what I do while I’m live on cam.  Thursday, I’m going to discuss what it takes to get ready to go on cam :))  stay tuned..and don’t forget to send me your suggestions for future Blog articles.

About Ashlynn Jayde aka Ashlynn the MILF – Monday, Aug 26, 2013

I thought I’d take some time this morning to write about me & to tell you some things you may or may not already know about me :)


I’m 43 years old and am recently separated from my husband of 16 years and partner for 25 years.  I have 3 children.  A daughter that is 15 and 2 boys aged 12 and 11.  Yup…13 months apart.  Lucky me, I get to go through each stage for 2 years solid…just as one of my son’s finish a stage, the other is starting it.  *sigh*  They are amazing children and I couldn’t ask for anything more ~ I love my ex as well…if it wasn’t for meeting him & having our marriage, we wouldn’t have been blessed with these 3 wonderful beings in our life.

Before I had children, I was a Legal Assistant at a couple of large downtown Vancouver law firms.  Yes, sexy mini skirts, high heels and white button down blouses were my sexy attire to the office every day.  The areas of law I practiced in were criminal law, personal injury & medical malpractice.  Not all at the same time lol!  I have read and encountered some very interesting (and sad) stories lol.  When I was pregnant with my 2nd child, I began to stay home with my kids.  In January 2012, I ventured into the career of webcam modeling.  I have always loved watching porn and having sex….I had ALWAYS wondered how I could get into the porn industry….after all, I feel sexy, I feel and look amazing for my age and having 3 children and I looooooooove sex!!!  So I googled amateur porn one Monday morning after the kids went to school and ended up applying and getting accepted on My Free Cams (“MFC”).  MFC taught me lots and I eventually left MFC to appear on Streamate and Chaturbate allowing me to make a lot more money doing private shows than MFC had allowed me.

I love interacting with my fans & I LOVE reading your comments and well wishes.  It is these comments, well wishes & encouragement from my fans that keep me going every day.  I strive to be friendly, interactive with my fans and coming up with new, classy, sexy & unique photo shoots & contest ideas to keep you intrigued and coming back for more.

I am ALWAYS open to suggestions for music, photo shoots and show ideas so please.  Comment below so we can start interacting together….hugs and kisses lovers

~Love Ashlynn

Lazy Sunday at the lake….Sunday, Aug 25, 2013

Hello lovers.  How are you today?  What did you do this weekend and what are you up to today?

Lazy Sunday at the lake - Aug 25/2013

Lazy Sunday at the lake – Aug 25/2013

Well, all in all, it was a lazy weekend.  I had several beverages on Friday evening, which may or may not have been enhanced by alcohol, and I was left to suffer in bed most of Saturday.  Today, I am so full of energy from having slept so much LOL.  So I’m taking the kids to the lake.  Going to lay in the sun all day and cool off in the cool waters.  It’s a smallish private lake that doesn’t usually attract a lot of visitors…perfect get away for a Sunday in the sunshine.

I will be extremely busy in the upcoming week getting ready for back to school which starts a week from Tuesday.  It’s been a fun & busy summer but I am definitely ready for the kids to go back to school.  Very ready.  Sing it with me…”it’s the most wonderfullll time of the year”.

I am also going to be busy connecting on several other social media sites & get ready for my chance in the popular Playboy Miss Social September 2013 Challenge that I recently applied to and got accepted for.  I will be a Contestant in the Challenge for the month of September & will post the links daily on here as well as on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest.  You can vote twice a day for me over the period of a month.  I’m so excited to be in this Challenge.  Just being a part of the Challenge, having fun, coming up with unique & exciting photos for each Challenge and sharing in this excitement with you is reward enough for me.  Those that help me achieve votes regularly will be rewarded by me – rewards will consist of a variety of items from pictures to personal items of mine.  So be sure to stay tuned for the link and remember to vote twice  a day over the course of the month,  I will be posting the pictures here, along with other fun pictures we take along the way, and results to my stats regularly.

Things to look forward to from me later this evening:  Playboy Miss Social link so you can register & get ready to vote & YouTube link to my Channel where my audio sex tapes will be re-released.

That’s all for now.  I’m off to get some sun & have some fun.  I will get back on to update you later this afternoon or this evening.  Don’t forget to leave a comment below ~ have a wonderful afternoon, my sweet loves.

~Love Ashlynn